Black and White Magic

Converting a color photo to black and white is common task but a challenging one. On one hand you might want a “film style” look, on the other hand, you want to harness the digital image processing power of Lightroom. I would like to show you how to take advantage of them both, in this [...]

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Your personal touch with Cross Camera Color profiles

What about your Personal Touch? Over the years, every famous photographer developed his or hers unique “visual signature”, that small twist in the image which became their trademark. Most of them were very particular about dark room techniques, which allowed them to make sure that the image they presented, looked exactly as they wanted. Today, [...]

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On-Stage in Black and White

Our good friend and great on-stage photographer Guy Prives, has recently started using BlackMagic to convert his color photographs to black and white. We have to admit, he does it faster and easier we could have imagined: The original image Guy’s steps These are the steps Guy took in Lightroom 5. He was kind enough [...]

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1-Click Color Correction

I got a call from a good friend, complaining that he just can’t get the correct color from Lightroom. That seemed strange since the guy is using a brand new Canon EOS 1D-X with the best lenses Canon makes… Curiosity may have killed the cat, but never harmed any person, so I went to check [...]

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BlackMagic Workflow – 1

Make the best of your BlackMagic / by Y. Feliks Let me start with a short introduction – I am a photographer. Started many years ago with film cameras, negatives and darkrooms and now, use a DSLR camera. From the very beginning of my digital workflow, I tried to reproduce the “filmic” look of my [...]

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PSKiss BlackMagic – Installation Guide

Installing PSKiss BlackMagic – Windows Quit Lightroom if it is running Extract the .zip file downloaded from PSKiss Double-click “setup” to start the installation: Click “Run”: Click “Yes”: Click “Next”: Click “Install”: Click “Finish”: That’s it, BlackMagic presets are installed and ready to use in Lightroom. Installing BlackMagic – Macintosh Quit Lightroom if it is [...]

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Lightroom Presets Samples

See what you can do with our Lightroom presets, with just 1 click: Original Image Aging Film  - Expired (Lightroom and Photoshop presets) Original Image Mono-Tone 1 – Bright Steel (Lightroom and Photoshop presets) Original Image Night Palettes 1 – Redish Pale (Lightroom presets) Original Image Mono-Tone 1 – Bright Steel (Lightroom and Photoshop presets) [...]

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