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The Perfect Edge Enhancer

PSKiss Edge Gear allows you to enhance edges of your image with full control of edge width and overall intensity . Enhancing Edges with Edge Gear is very simple and fast when using the workflow, as presented in this free tutorial (panels available only in Photoshop CS5). After installing PSKiss Edge Gear Pixel Bender Filter and PSKiss Edge Gear Panel, launch Photoshop. Go to Window > Extensions and choose PSKiss Edge Gear Panel: This will show the Edge Gear Workflow panel:

Now you are ready to enhance those edges.

Open an image you need to enhance its edges: Photo by Tomer Feder Click to launch the filter’s dialog box:

Enhancing Edges with Edge Gear

  • Amount – Sets the intensity of edge enhancement. Higher values mean stronger influence of filter.
  • Edge Width – Sets width of edges effected by filter. Higher values mean wider edges are effected.
  • Noise Threshold – Sets filter less affect noise. Lower values mean all image is effected. Higher values direct the filter to skip noise and work on edges only. Use this slider with high ISO images.
  • Preserve Saturation turned on means edge enhancement effects only luminosity.

The sample image will be offset printed in a magazine. This requires more edge enhancement than online images, so we used “Medium” preset, which happen to be similar to the default values. Because we wanted the small details to “shine”, we increased the amount and decreased edge with:

To learn more about how to use Edge Gear presets, see the next paragraph. After setting up the filter, click OK

Using Launch Preset

Edge Gear Workflow panel allows you to quickly launch 3 presets for edge enhancement:

  • Low – Subtle setup of edge enhancement; Recommended for online images.
  • Medium – Stronger edge enhancement; Recommended for printed images (offset or digital).
  • High – Quite a rough setup… Recommended for newspaper printed images or for special effects.

When you click on one of these presets, PSKiss Edge Gear dialog box inside the Pixel Bender Gallery will appear automatically. Check the preview image. If you are happy with the result, click OK and continue with the workflow. Otherwise, make your adjustments until you reach the desired effect and click OK. Please note – Unlike other PSKiss Photoshop Filters, the Pixel Gear Suite presets do not override the layer created by the workflow panel. Pixel Gear Filters work like regular Photoshop Filters – they work on the current layer as it is.

The Final Image

Here are the original image and the enhanced version, side-by-side. Please note that this is an edge enhancement tool not a sharpening tool. This filter will emphasize the edges without the annoying “zig-zag” artifacts which are common in standard sharpening filters. This might cause some unwanted effect over soft areas of the image. You can restore them easily with the History Brush. We restored the areas around the car using the History Brush (click to see full size image):

Free Video Tutorial

For a detailed demonstration of PSKiss Edge Gear with some tips and tricks, watch this free video tutorial:

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