The Perfect Edge Sharpener

PSKiss Edge Gear 1.5, is a Pixel Bender filter for perfect edge sharpness – control the amount of sharpening, edge width and noise threshold, all in simple and fast workflow.
Once you’ll try PSKiss Edge Gear,¬†you’ll never go back to your old techniques!

PSKiss Edge Gear has Everything you need to create the perfect edge sharpness:

  • Ease of use – PSKiss Workflow Panel

  • 32 bit color depth

  • Maximum control

  • Super Fast GPU¬†acceleration

All wrapped up with cutting-edge technology, superb performance and state of the art image quality.

Free Tutorials:

Edge sharpening with Edge Gear are simple and fast.
Read this free tutorial or watch the free video tutorial:

Unfortunately, Adobe has decided to stop developing their Pixel Bender plug-in which was Pixel Gear’s platform.

This product is discontinued.

We are working on a new retouching product that will replace it.


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