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MonoTone Box-2001-Original012-Vaniglia011-Night-Watch010-Himalayas-Splash009-Gold-n-Brown-Soft008-Gold-n-Brown-Medium007-Gold-n-Brown-Deep006-Dusk-Dramatic-1005-Crispy-Gold004-BW-Turning-Trix-400003-BW-Crispy-n-Dark002-Bright-Steel013-Original014-Bright-Steel015-Crispy-n-Dark024-Vaniglia023-Night-Watch022-Himalayas-Splash021-Gold-n-Brown-Soft020-Gold-n-Brown-Medium019-Gold-n-Brown-Deep018-Dusk-Dramatic-1017-Crispy-Gold016-Turning-Trix-400

Mono-Tone 1 Presets


12 Creative Mono-Tone Presets for Lightroom, Photoshop and Elements

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12 Creative Presets for Lightroom and Photoshop

Mono-Tone 1 Presets are:

  • Bright Steel (Black & White)
  • Crispy ‘n Dark (Black & White)
  • Turning Trix 400 (Black & White)
  • Crispy Gold
  • Dusk Dramatic 1
  • Gold ‘n Brown Deep
  • Gold ‘n Brown Medium
  • Gold ‘n Brown Soft
  • Himalayas Splash
  • Vaniglia

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Lightroom 3 and higher | Photoshop CS4 and higher (via ACR)

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