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Night Palettes – Lightroom and Photoshop Develop Presets, Designed for Night Shots by artist photographer Yigal Feliks

The human eye perception of night colors, is totally different than the way digital cameras capture these colors. The camera tries to convert everything to “daylight view”, so the whole experience and the feelings associated with “the night” are not reflected by the photograph.

PSKiss Night Palettes Presets are designed reflect the gentle and warm colors of night with or without neutralizing tungsten lighting colors.

Night skies which are usually over brightened by the camera, are darkened to reflect the sense of “the night”.

Night Palettes 1 Presets are:

  • Classic Dark
  • Classic Dark – Enhanced Oranges
  • Classic Dark – Enhanced Yellows
  • Classic Dark – Pale Yellows
  • Classic Dark – Reddish Pale
  • Classic Dark – Slightest Cooling
  • Classic Dark – Warm


Night Palettes Presets work only on color, so they are influenced by the basic luminosity of the image. You can first determine luminosity with one of the Wide Range Black & White Presets, and then apply a Night Palette 1 Preset to set the color tendency.

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$0.00 — $14.90

Lightroom 3 and 4 | Photoshop CS4 and higher (via ACR)
Recomended for:
Camera Raw images taken at night time

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