Develop Different!

PSKiss Skin & Scenery Color profiles create a unique outstanding version of your photo.

This profile pack is perfect for developing Portrait and Scenery photos.

The Skin & Scenery Color profiles are (see the properties chart for more info):

  • Cool BrightUp
  • Dark Skin 1
  • Powered Skin and Lips
  • Velvia Touch
  • Vintage 1
  • Vivid Landscape Mode 1


The DNG Profiles Advantage:

PSKiss Skin & Scenery Color profiles are creative profiles. This means that the image is already applied with creative adjustments before you need to do anything.
Now you can make your personal adjustments with Photoshop (via ACR) or Lightroom, on top of a creative DNG profile – for faster workflow, better utilization of ACR and Lightroom tools and much more flexibility.

PSKiss Skin & Scenery profiles – Properties and Features:

The product package contains:

  • 6 Skin & Scenery Color profiles
  • 24 Lightroom presets
  • 24 ACR presets (suitable for Photoshop and Elements)


* Installation Guide – Click Here

* QuickStart Tutorial and Video – Click Here

PSKiss Skin & Scenery Presets for Lightroom 4

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Adobe Photoshop CS4 and higher | Photoshop Elements 9 | Lightroom 3.0 and higher | Windows and Macintosh
Known Issues:
Applying noise reduction is recommended when developing high ISO portrait photos. | Some posterization might appear when using Velvia Touch and Vivid Landscape profiles on high ISO and shallow DOF photos.

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