The Professionals Choice for Portrait Retouching

PSKiss Skin Gear Pro, is a Pixel Bender filter for gorgeous skin texture of portraits. It will remove skin imperfections, enhance make-up work, lower wrinkles and more, all in simple and fast workflow.
Once you’ll try PSKiss Skin Gear Pro, you’ll never go back to your old techniques.

PSKiss Skin Gear Pro has Everything you need (and more…) to create the perfect retouched portrait:

  • Ease of use – PSKiss Workflow Panel
  • 32 bit color depth
  • Maximum control
  • Super Fast GPU acceleration
All wrapped up with cutting-edge technology, superb performance and state of the art image quality.

Large size sample images

Free Tutorials:

Retouching a portrait with Skin Gear Pro is simple and fast .
Read this free tutorial or watch the free video tutorial:

Unfortunately, Adobe has decided to stop developing their Pixel Bender plug-in which was Pixel Gear’s platform.

This product is discontinued.

We are working on a new retouching product that will replace it.


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