I got a call from a good friend, complaining that he just can’t get the correct color from Lightroom.

That seemed strange since the guy is using a brand new Canon EOS 1D-X with the best lenses Canon makes…

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but never harmed any person, so I went to check it out.

This was the original image as seen in Lightroom:

My friend Rodi insisted that this isn’t the car’s red color…

Instinctively,  we chose the Camera Lanscape profile which le to another disappointment:

Rodi mentioned that when he used his previous camera, there was no such problem. That led me to the solution… His previous camera was Canon EOS 1Ds mark 3 – so we chose Canon EOS 1Ds mk3 Lanscape profile. Bingo!

We didn’t touch any other slider in Lightroom.

With Cross Camera Color profiles you can fix and change colors, with just 1 click. If you need any more processing, go on and use any of Lightroom’s great features. Your initial colors are set by the profile:

Get your camera’s Cross Camera Color profiles – HERE.

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