When working with a large number of photos, using presets in Adobe Camera Raw window increases productivity.
Lets say you prefer a certain color profile and you want to reproduce this particular look, on a lot of photos.
First, we recommend that you get your camera’s Cross Camera Color DNG Profile pack.
Check out the supported camera list*.

After installing the DNG profiles, open a photo in Photoshop or Bridge:

Click on the Camera Calibration tab.
Click on the Profile menu and choose the preferred color profile.
Personally, I like the color scheme of Nikon D3 Portrait profile:

Now, save this as your own free Adobe Camera Raw preset:
Click on the the Presets tab, give a name for your preset – name it wisely. You might want to know what it does when you will use it again… Choose the subset you want to save as a preset. You can save all the settings of the window or just a part of them. In this example, I saved is as a Camera Calibration preset:
Now click OK:

That’s it!
You can use this preset whenever you develop another photo in ACR.
Just click on the Presets tab and click on it:

* If you can’t find your camera in the supported camera list, contact us and we will be happy to create it for you.

Click Here to get your PSKiss Cross Camera Color DNG Profiles.

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