It can’t be easier…

In this photoshop tip, I will use two PSKiss unique products:

1. PSKiss Skin and Scenery Color profiles – for deeper colors

2. PSKiss Outdoor Photography Toolkit – for specific enhancements

All you have to do is follow these very simple steps:

1. Open a landscape photo with Lightroom or Photoshop. This step is relevant only for Camera Raw files.
* The obvious profile choice (or Picture Style if you like) for this photo will be Camera Landscape:

Which will look like this (nothing to write home about…):

2. Now, switch to PSKiss Vivid Landscape Mode 1 profile:

This particular profiles darkens the shadows, so I opened them a little bit:

Much better:

3. Open the image in Photoshop (or use Edit in Photoshop, if you work with Lightroom).
Click Sky Density in the Outdoor Photography Toolkit to enhance the sky:

See the difference:

4. Now add some brightness and contrast to the Green areas. Simply click Green in the Outdoor Photography Toolkit:

5. For the final touch, click Clarte and enhance local-contrast of the image:

That’s all folks…

The basic image – developed with the Camera Landscape profile:

After quick 5 steps, using Skin and Scenery Color profile and the Outdoor Photography Toolkit:


Click here for more about PSKiss Outdoor Photography Toolkit

Click here for more about Skin and Scenery Color profiles 




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