Photoshop Elements’ Camera Raw develop window is a limited version of its “big sister’s” ACR window.
Among other things, it also lacks the ability to save presets. That’s a pity however, there is a workaround for that…
Lets say you prefer a certain color profile and you want to reproduce this particular look, on a number of photos.
First, we recommend that you get your camera’s Cross Camera Color DNG Profile pack.
Check out the supported camera list*.

After installing the DNG profiles, open a photo in Photoshop Elements:

Click on the the Camera Calibration tab.
Click on the Camera Profile menu and choose the preferred color profile.
Personally, I like the color scheme of Nikon D3 Portrait profile:

Now, comes that little workaround…
Show the windows menu and choose – Save New Camera Raw Defaults:

That’s it!
Next time you open a photo, this will be your default color profile:

If for some reason the new default doesn’t work automatically, choose Camera Raw Defaults from ACR’s menu:

* If you can’t find your camera in the supported camera list, contact us and we will be happy to create it for you.

Click Here to get your PSKiss Cross Camera Color DNG Profiles.

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