Welcome to first-ever Photoshop App!

After installing and opening your Photogram panel, it’s time to get to know it closely.

The Photogram panel contains 3 major parts:

1. The effects panel

Click on any of the effects and it will start immediately.

After you click it will be marked with light. In this sample we used Polaroid 600:

Any effects you click, will be added on a new layer, leaving the original image untouched.

Want to try another effects? Click it and it will replace the previous.

Use the scroll on the right hand side to reveal more effects (15 total).

2. The ratio crop slider

Select the crop ratio, click on the desired effect and you’ll get a cropped effected photo.

Don’t worry. it’s completely harmless. Select a different crop ratio, click the effect button again and it will first go back to the full image and re-crop it. If you wish to return to the original size, simply select No Crop and click the effect button.

Please note that cropping is done automatically from center outwards. If you need a specific crop area, first crop it manually with Photoshop’s native tools and use Photogram for it’s magnificent effects only.

3. The additional effects flick-buttons

Flick them to the right to turn them on:

You can turn them on separately as well…

Flick the Date Stamp on, click on the desired effect and the EXIF date will be stamped on your image*:

Don’t like the Date Stamp? Flick it off, click on the effect button (it is marked with light) and it’s gone…

Want to add Light Leak? No problem. Flick it on, click on the effect button and the light will leak in. Each time you click on the effect button, you get a different light leak. That’s how we like our old cameras, with a special and unique character…:

Light Leak #1:

Light Leak #2:

Want to get rid of the Light Leak? Flick it off, click on the effect button and it’s gone (if it could be that simple in the film days…).

* Please note – If the image was saved without EXIF, a special mark “– –” will be stamped instead:

That’s it!

Now stop reading boring manuals… Instead, go and have some fun with your copy of PSKiss Photogram!

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