Unfortunately, Adobe has decided to stop developing their Pixel Bender plug-in which was Pixel Gear’s platform.

This product is discontinued.

We are working on a new retouching product that will replace it.

Install Adobe Pixel Bender Plug-In

In order to work with our filters, you must first install the Adobe Pixel Bender Plug-In.

Please follow these few simple steps:

  1. Download Pixel Bender Plug-In Ver. 2.2/2.3 for Photoshop CS5/CS5.1. Please note that without this plug in, Pixel Gear filters will not run.
  2. If you don’t have an Adobe ID, you will be asked to create one. It is free of charge.
  3. Mac OS X and Windows XP users, follow steps 3-4 of the next section.
  4. Vista and Windows 7 users, Click Hear for special instructions.

Install PSKiss Pixel Gear Pro – Mac OS X and Windows XP

  1. After installing Pixel Bender Plug-In, unzip the file PSKiss Pixel Gear Pro.zip:
  2. Quit Photoshop if it is running.
  3. Double-click on the file named “PSKiss Pixel Gear Pro.zxp” (Vista and Win7 users, see special note):
  4. This will launch the Adobe Extensions Manager. Click “Accept”:

  • Quit the Extensions Manager and launch Photoshop

Special note for Vista and Windows 7 users:

    1. Quit Photoshop if it is running
    2. Extract the .zip file you downloaded from PSKiss Shop
    3. Click the Start Menu > Programs.
    4. Locate “Adobe Extension Manager CS5”.
    5. Right click on it, choose “Run As Administrator” and Approve it.
    6. In the Extension Manager’s window click “Install”, locate the folder you extracted in step 1:
    7. Click “Accept” (ignore and approve the validation notice if it pops-up, it is non-relevant to this kind of extension) and the panel is installed.
    8. Quit the Extensions Manager and launch Photoshop.

How to open PSKiss Pixel Gear Pro Panel in Photoshop

Go to Window > Extensions and choose “PSKiss Pixel Gear Pro”:

Now you are ready to use your Pixel Gear Pro panel and filters:

Installed items:

  • 3 Pixel Bender filters – Skin Gear Pro, Edge Gear, SH Tone Gear Pro (installed into Pixel Bender Files folder)
  • 1 Workflow panel


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