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WeddingMagic – Lightroom Lab

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Get the best out of your Wedding photographs!

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The Complete Wedding Photography Lightroom Lab

WeddingMagic is a digital wedding photography lab, that creates outstanding results for almost any lighting conditions, colors and compositions!

This unique set of progressive Lightroom presets and brushes, is designed to make your workflow as fluent and simple as possible.

The presets package was designed with the understanding that your work time is limited, but the repeating tasks are endless…

With WeddingMagic you can easily:

  1. Choose your desired look from “Total Look”
  2. Control exposure, contrast, saturation and more, using our “Fixes” and “Basic”
  3. Add and remove color toning using “Toning”
  4. Add and remove special “Lighting” effects (Fit for tall or wide photos)
  5. Add and remove special “Frames”
  6. Control local adjustments with adjustment brushes presets
  7. Change the color palette with our profiles (requires PSKiss develop profiles)
  8. Boost creativity with endless combinations!
  9. Works great with Raw and JPEG

Presets are carefully planned to structure a progressive workflow:
The “Fixes”, “Lighting”, Profiles” “Toning” and “Frames”, are unique additive presets – they do not replace the current look – they are added to the current look (or subtracted from it, according to image condition)

Package contains:

  1. 30 unique creative look presets
  2. 49 fundamental workflow presets (progressive)
  3. 19 lighting effects (portrait or landscape orientation, 19 each)
  4. 8 classic toning effects (progressive)
  5. 12 vintage frames presets (progressive)
  6. 10 local adjustment brushes presets
  7. 12 profile presets (Raw only. Requires PSKiss develop profiles)

Total presets in package: 161 (including specific resets)


See the WeddingMagic tutorial for more information

1 review for WeddingMagic – Lightroom Lab

  1. nita (verified owner)

    I’m really enjoying the enhancements from these presets. Not bad at all. I tweaked a few but that’s totally personal perspective to achieve my own personal editing style. LOVE!

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