After installing the Skin & Scenery Color package,
you are ready to explore your new possibilities.

Using Skin & Scenery Color profiles – Adobe Camera Raw (Photoshop and Elements) and Lightroom

1. In Adobe Camera Raw window (Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, CC2014 and CC2015 or Elements 8-13), click on the “Camera Calibration” tab:

In Lightroom, switch to the “Develop” module and expand the “Camera Calibration” tab:

Now, choose the desired profile from the “Camera Profile” menu (Photoshop) or the “Profile” menu (Lightroom):

PSKiss Skin & Scenery Color profiles – Properties and Features chart

The following chart explains the characteristics of each profile:

Feel free to ignore our suggestions and do what ever suites you right.
After all, it’s all about creativity, isn’t it?

Using Skin & Scenery presets – Adobe Camera Raw (Photoshop and Elements) and Lightroom

Each profile has 4 presets that use it.

The first one is always marked as “Basic“. This means that all settings are left at default except the DNG profile in the Camera Calibration tab.

The other 3 are creative presets that use the named profile. You will be surprised at the differences when you don’t use PSKiss profiles…

Use the preset named “—PSKiss-Back 2 Default” to remove all adjustments and return to Camera Raw defaults quickly.


Watch the free video tutorial for more information

Click Here and get your camera’s profile pack.

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