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All the filters in PSKiss Toolkits, create the result image on a separate layer. This fact should encourage you to try some extreme settings…

I call this technique – Process And Withdrawal or simply: PAW.

The principle is simple:

  1. Use the full power of the filter
  2. Put the result on a separate layer (done for you automatically)
  3. Pull layer transparency back a bit, to mix the new result with the original image.

Sample 1 – A Dramatic sunset

The camera could not convey the Intensive colors and the feel of this sunset scene:

In this case, I decided to use the Look Factory (included in the Portrait Toolkit and the Photographer’s ToolBox):


Step 1 – Apply some extreme values to create a very strong impact. For this image, I used the following setting (without using any of the presets):

Step 2 – Reduce the Opacity of the Look Factory layer and let it blend with the original image:

That’s it.

Step 3 – Compare the final image to the original and adjust the opacity till you like it:

Sample 2 – Desert Bird

This was much easier…

The color scheme of this photo, is exactly where Jeweler works at its best (Jeweler is included in the Product Toolkit and in the Photographer’s Toolbox):

Step 1 – Full Jeweler power! Click OK and repeat this once more. This will create 2 PSKiss Jeweler layers:

Step 2 – Emphasize edges with Edge:


Step 3 – Merge PSKiss Layers and reduce opacity (click to see the full size image):

The final image:

Sample 3 – Quick Mega Boost

Well, I guess you got it by now. So let’s do another one and add a twist to the plot…

Step 1 – Full Jeweler power to boost color!

Step 2 – Boost details with Portrait BW (included in the Portrait Toolkit and the Photographer’s ToolBox):

Drag the Details slider all the way to the right:

Step 3 – Change the Blend Mode of the new layer to Luminosity (to keep the color):

Step 4 – Use Sky Boost to enhance sky color (included in the Outdoor Toolkit and the Photographer’s ToolBox) – set Boost to maximum:

Step 5 – Merge PSKiss layers, reduce opacity and let it blend with the original image:

The final image:

That’s it for this post.

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Happy Photoshoping,

Nir Kaufman

Senior Developer @ PSKiss.com

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