Welcome to PSKiss WeddingMagic – the complete wedding photography Lightroom Lab.

WeddingMagic is a digital wedding photography laboratory, that creates outstanding results for almost any lighting conditions, colors and compositions!

This unique set of progressive Lightroom presets and brushes, is designed for assist you make your workflow as fluent and simple as possible.

After installing the presets, you are ready to use the carefully planned progressive workflow:

  1. Choose your desired look from “Total Look”
  2. Control exposure, contrast, saturation and more, using “Fixes” and “Basic”
  3. Add and remove color toning using “Toning”
  4. Add and remove special “Lighting” effects (Fit for tall or wide photos)
  5. Add and remove special “Frames”
  6. Control common local adjustments with brushes presets
  7. Change the color palette with our profiles (requires PSKiss develop profiles)

You can also watch the free video tutorial, here.

1.Choose your desired look:

Open an image in the Develop module and select a look from “02-Total Look“:
Photo: Ariel Aricha


In this sample we chose Agfachrome 50 Style:

2. Control exposure, contrast, saturation and more:

In this sample we chose Add Illumination 1 from 03-Fixes:

It seemed a little too bright, so we recovered highlights with Highlight Recovery 1:

Note: The “Fixes” presets are progressive – they are added (or subtracted if you are out of their scale) to the current look of the image. This means you can use Open Shadows, to brighten shadows of the image and then use Highlight Recovery, to darken its highlights. The presets will not replace the entire look. Each one works on a separated part of the histogram.

3. Choose the right color profile (Raw only):

Color profiles allow you to refine the colors of the image. In this sample we used Tanned Bride (part of Faces & Places Color Profiles:

Note: Color profiles will affect only Raw images. You can’t apply profiles to JPEGs in Lightroom.

4. Add Lighting Effects:

In order to brighten the left side of the image, we chose Gradient – Lighten-Left from 05a-Lighting-Wide:

Note: Lighting effects have to options – Wide or Tall. Use them according to your photo’s orientation.

Tip: If you are not sure whether you want to use Lighting Effects at all, use them as the last effect you apply.

5. Choose the right tone:

Choose the right tone for your image. Here we chose Blues:

6. Add a Frame or Vignette:

You can select a frame or vignette for your image. We chose 10-Vignette – Dark Very Soft:

A white vintage frame might look good with this photo:

Using the “01 Basic” presets

Use 00 – Zeroed to reset colors to Lightroom’s default, without reseting crop or lens correction.

Use 01 – Standard Color to reset colors to our standard recipe, without reseting crop or lens correction.

The rest of the presets in this category, are progressive. They apply only one setting and keep the look as is:

02 – Extra Sharp – Applies sharpening to the image.

03 – Clarity – Allow you to add Clarity in 3 level – 03a – Low, 03b – Medium, 03c – Strong.

04 – Upright – Auto – Apply Upright to straighten your image (if needed). Use 04b to cancel Upright (at any time).

05 – WB – Use 05a – Auto to set White Balance to Auto. Use 05b – As Shot to set White Balance back to camera settings (at any time).


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