My current Lightroom students, are a group of professional photographers, who tend to ask very good questions.

As I was teaching them the first step to their “perfect image” – choosing the appropriate camera profile (of course :-)), they kept on asking for a comparison chart. They really wanted a place where PSKiss color develop profile are presented, side-by-side, so they can know which color table is anticipate when before they select a specific profile.

Since I can’t refuse a student’s request (well, at least a good one…), I created this post, presenting our favorite  portrait related develop profile for Lightroom an Photoshop.

These profiles are taken from the camera based Cross Camera Color profiles, as well as the creative based Skin and Scenery Color profiles.

Click on the first image to present the gallery window, then use the right keyboard arrow to go the next image or the left arrow for the previous one:

Now you are ready to decide what’s your favorite portrait profile.

Click to enlarge:
PS Kiss portrait profiles
Please note that no changes where made to the image, accept choosing a different camera profile.

Photograph by: Eduardo Bodner

Learn more about Cross Camera Color profiles

Learn more about Skin and Scenery Color profiles

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